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Love smoothies? want to make fun drinks for the kids? Here are some recipes!
It can be as simple as pouring 1/2 oz of cherry or vanilla syrup into a glass of ice and adding Coke!
Watermelon Smoothie - 3 oz watermelon flavored syrup, 2 oz milk, 2 cups ice. Put the ice in the blender, add the milk and flavor. Blend to a smooth consistency. Enjoy! Makes a 16 oz drink that you will love! The watermelon flavor is like biting into a slice!

Flavored Ice Cubes! Tired of reaching for your drink only to find the ice has melted and it's all watery? Here's a tasty solution! Add 1 oz syrup of your choice to the water in the ice cube tray. Use blueberry for lemonade - raspberry, strawberry or peach for iced tea - cherry for Coke - root beer for root beer Italian sodas - cranberry for cranberry juice - mandaran orange for orange juice or a mimosa - pina colada for grapefruit juice - coffee for iced coffee - coconut for tropical juices - lemon for iced water - lime for limeade - lemon for iced tea - peppermint for iced tea - watermelon in seltzer - papaya in mixed fruit juice - pineapple in lemonade

Just for the kids - no matter what age! Double Gummy Soda - 2 oz bubble gum flavored syrup, sparkling water, whipped cream (cherry flavored?), gummy candies. Pour the syrup over ice and add the sparkling water. Top with the whipped cream and garnish with gummy candies (bears, worms, fish)Serve at once!

Snickers Iced Mocha - this will cool off your summer! 1/4 oz chocolate syrup, 1/4 oz caramel syrup, 1/4 oz peanut butter syrup, 1/4 oz vanilla syrup, 2 shots espresso, COLD milk, ice. Pour all the syrups together - add the espresso and swirl. Pour over the ice. Add the COLD milk and stir. This is gonna be a favorite!
Mocha Milk Shake - 16 oz - 1 oz chocolate syrup, 2 oz espresso, 2 1/2 cups ice cream (splurge and use the good stuff!), 1 oz milk. Scoop the ice cream into the blender and add the flavor, espresso and milk. Blend to a nice smooth milk shake consistency and enjoy! Garnish with a chocolate wafer cookie or semi sweet mini chocolate chips (they are really good frozen!)

Mounds Cremosa - love the name! into an ice filled glass pour 1 oz coconut syrup, 1 oz chocolate syrup, and fill with COLD milk to within 1/2" of the top of the glass. Fill to the top with half and half - top with a dollop of chocolate whipped cream and semi sweet mini chocolate chips. You'll need cookies to go with this!

Orange Amaretto Latte - into a latte mug, pour 1/2 oz orange syrup, 1/2 oz amaretto syrup, one shot espresso and fill with foamed or steamed milk. Top with orange or amaretto whipped cream.

Raspberry vanilla Italian soda - into an ice filled glass pour 1 oz vanilla syrup, 1 oz raspberry syrup. Fill with seltzer to within 1/2" of the top of the glass. Add half and half to fill. Add a splash of raspberry syrup to top!

Flavored Whipped Cream - here are some ideas for toppings - mix 1 oz flavor to your choice of whipped topping (it really helps the no-fat kind!) - caramel on gingerbread - orange on chocolate cake - raspberry between layers of chocolate cake - any flavor on ice cream - blueberry on raspberry sorbet - blueberry on lemon pound cake - blackberry on blackberry cobbler - chocolate mint on chocolate pudding - root beer on root beer floats - caramel on chocolate brownie - peanut butter on chocolate brownie - coffee between layers of chocolate cake - cinnamon on pumpkin pie - amaretto on hot chocolate - toasted marshmallow on hot chocolate - vanilla on a steamer - watermelon on a fruit salad - peach on peach melba - coconut on a pina colada - egg nog on egg nog - peppermint on a steamer

Hazelnut Melt - so much better than a Patty Melt! Into a latte mug pour 3/4 oz of hazelnut syrup. Add one shot of espresso and hot water to fill. Top with 15 mini marshmallows (or as many as will fit!) and allow to sit til the marshmallows start to melt..........