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About Our Company

Hello, my name is Sandy. I hope you find what you are looking for here at Classical Coffee's virtual location. We strive to have the finest products available - suggestions are always welcome.
We are constantly upgrading and expanding our merchandise, whether coffee beans, tea, cocoa mix or gift items. We feel that it is the attention to details that makes our site special. have a question? email us!

All the coffees offered here are roasted in small batches. This assures the freshest coffee possible and adheres to high standards of qualitity control. You are not buying coffee that was roasted and has been sitting on a shelf! Each bag is roasted and packaged when you order it - right here in St Louis! Blends are mixed after roasting so that the flavor is not compromised during the roasting. Your coffee will arrive in a specially designed package which is first vacuumed and then flushed with nitrogen. Nitrogen is an inert gas which is 100% safe for food products. The bags are equipped with a special one way valve that let's carbon dioxide out of the bag without allowing oxygen to enter.
Many of the South and Central American coffees are shade grown. Shade grown coffees help protect the environment, support bio-diversity of wildlife and the local eco-systems. Not all coffee producing countries have specific shade grown coffees available. Our organic coffees are pesticide free during both growing and processing. They are also shade grown and Fair Trade. link to more info

The flavored coffees are very popular - Highlander Grog, Caramel Creme, so many to choose from! These coffees start out as 100% Colombian Supremo beans - some roasters may use a smaller or less expensive bean but we feel the quality and flavor warrant the extra cost.
We have a wonderful listing of recipes - be sure to check them out! They feature the Da Vinci flavored syrups used in all kinds of ways. Now that postage rates have gone up and up and up, the cost to mail the glass bottles is pretty high. If there's a flavor you can't find, email me at classicalcoffeestlouis@mindspring.com and I'll get it for you. But for the moment, the bottles aren't listed on the site.

Since your coffee is roasted and packaged to order, it will be shipped as soon as it is ready. This normally only takes a day or so but during the holidays, allow a few extra days, just in case.
It is our goal to give you the best products for the best price so that you will continue to shop with us. Thanks for coming by!

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